Where to Find Fossils in Alabama?

Alabama is a great location for rockhounding, especially if you’re hunting for fossils. This state is particularly known for its coal age plant fossils which could become a great addition to your collections. 

But also, if this is your first time rockhounding or you are trying to find your first fossil, Alabama is the state to be.

Fossils are extremely interesting because of their beauty and age and because they take us into the past and teach us the history of the earth.

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Where to Find Fossils in Alaska?

Alaska is one of the most beautiful destinations because of its natural resources, fauna, and history. Its location makes it an attractive destination for tourism, especially if you’re looking to rockhound.

This state is famously known for its prehistoric heritage, so there is a lot to talk about and explore when it comes to fossils and agent species.

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Where to Find Fossils in Arkansas?

The area that is now called Arkansas was once home to a number of prehistoric species, including mastodons, mammoths, and American lions. 

But the state’s most popular discoveries are the prehistoric plants and animals known as dinosaurs. 

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Neogene Environments

Geologists have studied our earth and how it was formed. Ancient time has been divided into ten geological periods. The most recent of these periods is the Cenozoic era. The Cenozoic era is the third of four geological (earth-forming) eras and is believed to have occurred from 23 million years ago to 2.6 million years ago. Within the Cenozoic era, one of the most significant time periods was the Neogene Period.

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Ocean Observatories Initiative

The Ocean Observatories Initiative is a science project that was designed to deliver real time data regarding the world’s oceans, this is done through hundreds of instruments that are placed in the oceans of the world. 

That data that is gathered for this project is freely available; you just need an internet connection to access it.

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