Where to Find Fossils in Missouri?

Missouri is a great place for fossil hunting, especially for marine fossils. The state spent much of the Paleozoic era submerged in water, and as a result, there are many fossils of ancient marine creatures to be found.

If you are interested in fossil hunting in Missouri, there are a few places where you can go. 

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Where to Find Fossils in Mississippi?

Mississippi is not the first state that comes to mind when you think of rockhounding or fossil hunting. However, the state has a surprising variety of rocks and fossils to offer, thanks to its unique geological history.

Mississippi is located in the Gulf Coastal Plain, which is a region that was once covered by a shallow sea. 

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Where to Find Fossils in Minnesota?

Minnesota is a great place for fossil hunting because it has a long and varied geological history.

The state has been covered by oceans, lakes, and glaciers, all of which have left behind fossils of the plants and animals that lived here in the past.

The oldest fossils in Minnesota are over 2 billion years old and were found in the Precambrian iron formations in northeastern Minnesota. 

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Where to Find Fossils in Michigan?

Michigan is a great place for rockhounding and fossil hunting for a number of reasons.

The state has a diverse geological history. Michigan was once covered by an ancient sea, and the rocks and minerals found in the state reflect this. 

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Where to Find Fossils in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is a great location for both fossil hunting and rockhounding. The state’s diverse geology has created a variety of environments where fossils and minerals can be found.

For fossil hunting, the best places to go are in the Connecticut River Valley. This area was once a shallow sea, and the rocks that were deposited there contain a variety of fossils, including sharks, fish, and dinosaurs.

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Where to Find Fossils In Maryland?

Maryland is a hidden gem for rockhounds. With its diverse geology and varied landscapes, the state offers a wide variety of rocks and minerals to discover.

From the high-quality serpentine of the State Line Pits to the colorful agates of the Patuxent River, there is something for everyone in Maryland.

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